How much should a website cost?

An online presence can be essential for doing business these days, and a website can potentially be a powerful marketing tool for you. So, what does a website cost? I can see how it can be confusing and mysterious, especially if you are new to the digital space. Some websites can be built for free,… Read more »

5 Annoying Website Features

five annoying website features

Have you ever thought about what annoys you or your customers when visiting a website? If you’re thinking about what you should or shouldn’t have on your website, then here are some things to think about. #1 Pop ups that won’t go away If someone has to click, “I’m not interested,” more than once, it… Read more »

4 Benefits of Having a Business Website

four benefits from a business website

Business websites can be just as important as all your other business activities. Not sure about whether you need one? Here are four benefits to having a website: #1 A website will make your business appear credible Your business will appear more authentic by having a web presence. A website gives you the opportunity for… Read more »